The Team


Matthew Daunt

I have always loved film since I was a child. I remember becoming obsessed with films and watching them religiously everyday. I followed my passion and decided after Secondary school I was going to study to become one of the great filmmakers of my time. I might not be at that level yet but thankfully after 5 years of studying and experience in the film industry I have started my own production company. Specialising in sound recording and lighting early in my education I have recently branched out to directing, writing and shooting. With experience on a number of different sized crews I am able to put knowledge and creativity into my work. having put myself into all aspects of film making I am able to take on projects independently with low costs. alternately I have produced projects in the past and am able to lead teams at a strong level.

My first goal is to become a recognised director in Nottingham but the sky is the limit and hopefully one day I will be making blockbuster films. 


Mark Daunt

Filmed & edited corporate presentational video during the 90’s for the European Lekkerland Group & Key Distribution Group shown to audiences of over 300 delegates on cinema sized screens.

Created 3D walk round videos of petrol forecourt shops to aid in layout and merchandising.

Photographer since the 70’s

Videographer since the late 80’s

Editing in Final Cut Pro.

Music production in Logic Pro & Ableton Live.

Web design in Freeway Pro.

We also have available a full crew for any size project, consisting of cameraman, sound recordist and engineer, fully trained musician for soundtrack work, voice over artists and other professionals.